Business and Product Highlights

Coast Real Estate and Parker, Smith & Feek Partnership

This is a video series that highlighted the partnership between my clients, Coast, a commercial and residential property management company and Parker, Smith & Feek, a commercial insurance broker. They wanted to introduce the partnership, Shawn Hoban, President of Coast, and the members of Parker, Smith & Feek who are involved in every aspect of the process.

My approach: Keep it short. Use branded bumpers. Conduct candid interviews to highlight their points rather than a script to give a natural feel. Utilize photos, video, and b-roll with keywords across the screen to reinforce their message. Create simple graphics to break up the content and further reinforce message.



Risk Management


Economies of Scale


Finding a good story and giving it impact through voice, ambient noise, and images

The Story of an Artist Community

This popular urban artist community was about to be gobbled up by property developers, so I highlighted the history of the space and the impact on the overall artistic community.


Case studies

This is a case study of a one of my client’s customers. They wanted to explain their company as well as showing value to their customer by providing this service. This creates a relationship of caring and collaboration, as well as authority building.