Beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, a place where you can relax, slow down and take in the sights as you sit in traffic.  I live in the Manhattan of Canada with my lovely wife, Mia, and our nutso feral cat, Lily.  My business is global and I travel a lot, so I consider myself a global citizen who works from wherever I am.  However, my passport says, “Canadian citizen,” so I guess I’m just a guy with a suitcase and a palate for Szechuan moose.

I’m a very social person who loves to laugh. I enjoy French and Asian cooking, reading, sailing, traveling, hiking, playing tennis, skiing and, of course, writing. When I’m not ghostwriting for clients, I enjoy writing prose, plays, and poetry for my personal edification.

Daily education is a large part of my life, so I enjoy challenges and tackle new subject matters with zeal.  Seeking opportunities to learn and listen to the stories of experienced people and then applying that knowledge is incredibly gratifying, both in my professional life and personal life.  History and anthropology are particular interests of mine.

People have described me as witty, energetic, strategic, and detail oriented.   When I get onto a project, I pour myself into it with a long lens that allows me to focus on details but also pull back and view it from a logistical and organizational perspective.  It comes with experience and (UGH!) maturity.

Here’s a Video Proposal I produced for a prospective client in 2014.

It might give you some insight into who I am: