I’m originally from Canada. We stand in the snow wearing shorts because we have few other shorts-wearing options. I stole this picture off of the internet. Unbeknownst to me, I was being stalked by a mountain lion that snapped the picture with its smart phone and Instagramed it with the caption, “I coulda eaten this dude, but he smelled like coconut suntan lotion and I hate that sh**. #growl”

I’m a very social person who loves to make people laugh. I enjoy French and Asian cooking, reading, traveling, hiking, playing tennis, skiing and, of course, writing.

Daily education is a large part of my life, so I intend to eventually get a master’s degree in creative writing once I find the right program. I also want work on a ridiculously large PR campaign, learn some new skills in communication, and write, write, write with the goal to publish, publish, publish.

If you meet me you’ll find that I am energetic, love to laugh, get off on strategizing, use wild hand gestures to make my point, and intensely pour myself into projects, whatever they are. I’m also pretty laid back about the whole thing if that makes any sense. I’ve found people are put off by intensity, so I hide it well. It comes with age I guess…stupid maturity…

Here’s a Video Proposal I produced for a prospective client in 2014.

It might give you some insight into who I am: