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World Coal November 2015Martin Engineering Feature Article

World Cement July 2015Martin Engineering Feature Article

World Cement April, 2015Martin Engineering Feature Article

Content Strategy

Content strategy is unique to every organization and is particularly powerful for nonprofits with limited resources. Global Washington, a coalition of several global nonprofits, wanted a content strategy that was fully integrated with their 160 member organizations. I worked with a talented team to devise a simple tool that would convey the importance of storytelling to small global organizations (some of whom have as few as 1 employee) and provide them tools to both tell the story and properly optimize it. The second step was an internal toolkit Global WA could use to create a powerful link strategy and tools to independently create valued content for their members, such as at their annual convention or throughout the year.

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Global Washington Campaign

Internal Toolkit

PR and MarketingPR and Marketing Campaigns are a love of mine. Rhetoric is fascinating to me. I enjoy finding the voice of the client and tailoring content that speaks to both the brand and the customer. This is a bare bones process that spurs a wellspring of ideas both from the client and the design team, which in turn, leads to some really fantastic campaigns. Below is the starting style guide to a campaign.

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T-Mobile Bobsled Campaign

T-Mobile’s Bobsled is a phone application that allows free international calling and texting. The demographic for the product was nearly 70% males 18 to 35-years-old. This copy was the beginning of the campaign and is a good example of campaign language and tenor.

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HTC Cha Cha Campaign

T-mobile campaign intended to bolster awareness of the HTC Cha Cha. The demographic was all over the map due to a low price point. They asked for a younger, fresher campaign. The email campaign increased registrations by 400% for the T-Mobile site rose significantly for interest in other T-Mobile products. This resulted in an online newsletter campaign. The design team and I worked on a series of designs and I wrote a few newsletters based on the design. Eventually the newsletters were brought in-house, which is common for newsletters and blogs as they begin to show value. This is a good example of email and newsletter design mockups ready for copy.

HTC Newsletter

blogs2Blogs are a fantastic way to capture keywords and show search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) that you’re the authority on a single subject. The more you write about a subject with the right keyword combo, the more apt you are to show up on the first page when someone types it into the search bar. There is a link strategy that goes along with it, but I can show you how to do that. Original photos add an element of authenticity and can be a great place to add more metadata.

Emily's Chocolates

Emily’s Chocolates – GO FUNNY!

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Parker, Smith & Feek – Authority can still tell a story.

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Dreambox Email Campaign

Dreambox provides learning software to elementary schools both public and private. Their customers are school administrators, 75% women, 35 to 54-years-old, with advanced degrees. This campaign was geared toward a pivotal part of the year when the previous year’s test scores come out and every public school’s budget is determined. This is a good example of email campaign copy samples that give varied options that are intended to achieve the same end.

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Parker, Smith & Feek Email Campaign

Parker, Smith & Feek is a commercial insurance brokerage firm that wanted to touch their valuable list of CEOs with an authority-building and information campaign through email. We had a very successful run that yielded a high registration rate and on average of 5 direct telephone calls to sales reps for every email.

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Diono Press Release

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Chihuly Garden and Glass Press Release